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You like what you see, and finding a photographer to capture your special day can come with many questions

Before you hit submit

1. Is this photographers style what I want my albums and prints to be? 
2. Do I think I will like this person enough to work with them for everything it entails to have a wedding photographer? Such as: the engagement session, the wedding day, after the wedding and sometimes more. Keep in mind, it really is having a relationship with your photographer and being able to communicate effectively with each other and being comfortable with the person you are hiring.
3. Is it okay that the photographer allows for suggested posing and photos (ie Pinterest), but will not duplicate and or promise copying another's work and can will use as inspiration only (within reason)?
4. I am not looking for the least expensive photographer I can find, I know that this photographer's pricing information is fair to what is offered in the area and my needs?


If you answered Yes to all of the above please fill out the form below
If you answered no to any of them but still want more information fill it out anyway, we can discuss in more detail!